Monitors AnyWhere | How to open different websites on different screens using multi monitor system, Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE)
How to open different website pages on different screens using multi monitor system - Monitors AnyWhere
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How to open different website pages on a multi-monitor system?

How to open different website pages on a multi-monitor system?

In the followin guide we will demonstrate how to open different Website pages on each display screen, using the software Monitors Anywhere.

Monitors AnyWhere v3 provides full support for both Internet Explorer (IE) and Chrome browser.

Start running multiple browsers on your TV screens

Choose the TV screen you would like to set for showing the video. Select the monitor by clicking once on its thumbnail or from the list of monitors.

Press on the New button from the list at the bottom.

The Browse window will open:

The first field (Application field) is used to select the application you wish to open.

Select the application IEXPLORE (Internet Explorer) from the dropdown list or click Browse to find Chrome browser in the folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

On the second field enter the website’s URL you wish to open.

Tick the box “Open in full screen” in order to open the browser in fullscreen.


It will automatically update the switch according to the browser you’ve selected.


-k – for IE

–start-fullscreen – for Chrome


Finally press on the  Save and Send button.

Repeat all stages above for each display screen.

For more information:

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