MAWi Spacewall Setup Guide for Android-based devices

Make sure your PC’s specs comply with our system hardware guidelines, available here:

Please make sure MAWi Server and MAWi Client are already installed before going through this guide.

MAWi Spacewall

Setup Guide

1. Connect the Android devices to your wired or wireless network.
2. Download Spacedesk from Google Play and install it on the Android boxes.
3. Start the spacedesk app on your Android devices and use the following instructions to set it up.
Go to the Settings menu and set the following parameters:
– Quality/Performance – Rendering Color Depth –
24Bit (RGB 888)
– Connection –
Auto-Reconnect (Checked),
Automatic Connect (Checked),
Automatic Connect to IP – Set with the host PC’s IP address.
After applying the above settings, go back to the main menu and click on the host PC’s IP address from the list.
Once it’s assigned, you will see that the device is set as an extended monitor, showing your desktop’s background image.
4. Open the MAWi management console on your browser.

– Click on the Dashboard menu > Go to ‘Admin Panel‘ > Click on the ‘Display Config tool’

– Select your Location from the list and accept the UCA elevation request.

– Click on ‘Identify screens’ to map and align your video wall screens.

– Drag-and-drop the screens to the Video Wall Mode area to set up your video wall.

– Set the Resolution per screen to define the overall resolution of your video wall.

– Set the Bezel correction as needed (measured in pixels).
– Untick the ‘Align to Grid’ checkbox to set up a creative video wall, with screens in any angle and aspect ratio.
When done, click on the Apply button to apply your settings.
5. Once you’ve applied the video wall’s settings in the Display config tool, the screens will show up as an extended desktop in the Display Settings of Windows.
You can play any type of content on your video wall the same way you would use an additional screen connected to your PC.

Here is a list of recommended applications for different file types:

  • Videos – VLC, PotPlayer
  • Presentations – PowerPoint, PowerPoint Viewer
  • Browsers – Chrome, IE, Firefox, Edge (Chromium version), etc…
  • PDF – Acrobat, FoxitReader
  • Spreadsheets – Excel (full Office Suite is required)