Download USB Wall and Installation guide

Make sure your PC’s specs are corresponding with our system hardware guidelines, as shown here:

Download USB Wall v2.0.1.21

1. Download our software
2. Install and reboot your system.

May 2019 update (Build 18362) and newer is currently NOT supported yet – please don’t upgrade your system!

We would strongly recommend disabling automatic Features updates from Microsoft for Windows 10 by installing and running this small tweak:



For more information click here

3. Connect the USB to HDMI adapters to each display and to your PC and make sure it’s showing your desktop image.
Make sure you are using a device from our list of compatible USB to HDMI adapters.
4. Open USB Wall app and start using the app.


1. In case you are using a device with Displaylink chip you will need to uninstall its drivers before installing USB Wall app:

2. Make sure your PC is updated with all the recent drivers and system updates. Especially with the most up to date drivers for the display adaptor installed on your machine.



If you are using Intel HD graphics go to Intel Download Center.


If you are using NVIDIA video adaptor go to Nvidia Download section.


If you are using AMD video adaptor go to AMD Download section.

If it’s a vendor’s PC (Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc…) , please go directly to the vendor’s website and download the driver according to your model of PC.