Download USB Wall and Setup guide

Make sure your PC’s specs are corresponding with our system hardware guidelines, as shown here:

Download USB Wall v2.0.1.21

1. Download our software
2. Install and reboot your system.

USB Wall

Setup Guide

Make sure you are using a device from our list of compatible USB to HDMI adapters.
3. Connect each of the USB to HDMI adapters to your displays via an HDMI cable.
4. Connect each the USB to HDMI adapters to a USB Hub via a USB cable. We recommend to use a powered USB hub in case you are using more than 3 devices.
5. Connect the USB Hub to your PC and make sure the displays are showing your desktop image. We recommend to connect each USB to HDMI adapter at a time. Every time you see the desktop image on the display you can move to the next device.
6. All the devices should appear as an extended desktops in the Displays Settings of Windows.
7. Make sure to set the Scale and Layout factor to 100% for all screens.
8. Open the USB Wall app and start using the app.
– Click on ‘Identify screens’ to map and align your video wall screens.

– Drag-and-drop the screens to the Video Wall Mode area to set up your video wall.

– Set the Resolution per screen property to define the overall resolution of your video wall.

– Set the Bezel correction properties (messured in pixels).
– Untick the ‘Align to grid’ checkbox to set up a creative video wall, with screens in any angle and aspect ratio.
When done, click on the Apply button to apply your settings.
9. Once you’ve applied the video wall’s settings in the USB Wall app, it will show up as an extended desktop in the Display Settings of Windows.
You can play any type of content on your video wall – in the same way you would use an additional screen connected to you PC.

List of recommended applications:

  • Videos – VLC, PotPlayer
  • Presentations – PowerPoint (full Office Suite is required)
  • Browsers – Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc…
  • PDF – Acrobat, FoxitReader
  • Spreadsheets – Excel (full Office Suite is required)



1. In case you are using a device with Displaylink chip you will need to uninstall its drivers before installing USB Wall app:

2. Make sure your PC is updated with all the recent drivers and system updates. Especially with the most up to date drivers for the display adaptor installed on your machine.



If you are using Intel HD graphics go to Intel Download Center.


If you are using NVIDIA video adaptor go to Nvidia Download section.


If you are using AMD video adaptor go to AMD Download section.

If it’s a vendor’s PC (Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc…) , please go directly to the vendor’s website and download the driver according to your model of PC.