The secret revealed: How does large fast food chain restaurants set up their menu boards

13:52 18 December in Blog

We are often mistaken of thinking that digital menu boards in fast food restaurants (QSR) are super-complicated and expensive systems that only big restaurant chains can afford. In this article, we will demonstrate how it was done easily and with minimum cost.

It all started when we received a new enquiry from a customer who wanted to build a small 3×1 video wall for his fast food restaurant.

He wanted the content to change dynamically between three menu boards and one video clip that would run across all three screens.  This should be done automatically, based on a pre-set playlist.

The requirements included simple connectivity and installation, ease of use and of course – a cost-effective solution.

The solution we offered was a combination of two of our products – USB Wall and Online Monitors AnyWhere.

The 3 screens were connected with HDMI cables to USB to HDMI adapters which were connected to a small USB hub, who in turn was connected to a PC by a single USB cable.

Once connected to the PC, Windows® identifies those screens as three extended desktops.

By using our USB Wall software, the user could easily configure the 3 screens as one large 3×1 video wall.

Next we used Online Monitors AnyWhere, our cloud-based content management system, to create the playlist that would run on the screens.

We defined a page layout of 3 screens wide and 1 screen high. One page shows separate content per screen and another one projects one video across the screens. Set as a playlist, it will run continuously in loops.

The content can be changed or updated at any point in time from our web-based platform.

The results were exactly according to the customer’s requests, and stood up to all the requirements – easy, effective, simple and affordable menu board for their fast food restaurant.