How to use the main control panel of Monitors AnyWhere Connect

Using the Main Control Panel

In this guide we will walk you through the first steps of using Monitors AnyWhere Connect application.

How to identify the displays

How to change names of displays

Resize the thumbnails

Set a background image

Change the layout

Start using the main console

Click on one of the display's thumbnail to select it.

In the Main control panel you can view the thumbnails of all the displays. The snapshots are taken every 5 seconds to show you a status on the content currently running on the screens.

After selecting a display, you can name it.

Press Right-click on the screen’s thumbnail and choose the option Rename and Set Color, or by clicking {Options}{Rename and Set Color} or by pressing the shortcut Alt-F2


If a display gets connected or disconnected, you’ll need to refresh the console: {View}{Refresh} or by pressing the shortcut F5

Remote control to a specific display

To connect to a specific display and control it double-click on its thumbnail or via menu: {Options}{Connect} or by pressing the shortcut F4 or right-click on its thumbnail.

Resize thumbnails

To resize the thumbnail’s size click on the menu item:

{View}{Resize screen} and select one of the options –

50%, 75%, Default Size, 125%, 150%

Save layout

Once you have arranged thumbnails of each display you can save the layout for future use. To save the layout:

{View}{Save Layout} or by using the shortcut Ctrl+S.

Note: The layout is saved automatically everytime you change a thumbnail’s location.

Reset layout

To reset the layout configuration click on the menu item: {View}{Reset Layout}

Set a background for the main control panel

You can set an image as a background for the display’s thumbnails. This function is designed to reflect the display’s actual location in a building or a floor plan. To set an image click on the menu item {View}{Set Background…} and choose – Set main background image.

If you wish to clear the currently set background, uncheck the option:  Enable main background image.

Set background image for each display

This feature allows you to set a different background image on each display to be used as a static bulletin board.

To set an image for a specific display click on the menu item {Options}{Background Image – Set background image} or Right-click on its thumbnail.

If you wish to clear the background settings, uncheck the option: Enable background image.

Set a color for each display

The software assigns each display with its own color to allow an easy identification of each application that runs on the screens. You can easiliy change the color by right clicking on a display’s thumbnail and selecting: Rename and Set Color > click on the Paintbrush icon and select a color > When done press OK

Identify displays

To allow an easy assignment of names for each screen, use the Identify Screens feature. To start identifying all screens use the menu item View and select Identift all screens, or Right Click on an empty spot on the main control panel.

You can also identify a specific screen by simply Right clicking on its thumnail and selecting Start/Stop Identify the screen