How to use the Playlist control panel

Using the Playlist Control Panel

The Playlist control panel enables you to build a plan for each display, and to easily start displaying content on the screens.

From this control panel you can set each display with its own Playlist of applications or you can send applications that are currently running on the host computer to a specific screen.

List of all available displays (A)

This is a list of all the displays currently connected to the host PC. Select one of the displays to show its Playlist on list C.

Please note:

  • The ID column is identical to the Windows operating system screen identifier.


  • You can multi-select a number of displays to preform a function on multiple screens.

List of all running applications (B)

This list shows all the applications currently running on the host computer with the additional indication on which display each application is running currently.

Please note:

  • Right-click on a specific application and press on the “Send to Selected Monitor”.

The selected application will be sent to the selected display from list A.


  • Right-click on a specific application or multi-select a number of applications and

press Terminate the selected processes to terminate the running processes.

Playlist for the selected Displays (C)

This list show all the applications that are currently running or configured to run on the selected screens. From this list you can easily plan the playlist to run or set a scheduled task for each screen.

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