How to use the Playlist feature in Monitors AnyWhere?

How to use the simple Playlist feature in Monitors AnyWhere

In the following guide we will demonstrate how to use the Simple Playlist feature in Monitors Anywhere.

The playlist feature allows you to set a list of application for each screen to appear for a pre-configured time interval.

How to setup a Playlist

Select a screen and click on the “Playlist and Calendar Settings” button.

Make sure it’s set to “Use Playlist” option.

Here you can set a default Time Interval for all the applications in the playlist.

Note: If you wish to set a different timing for each application, set it on the Advanced Options section, under Override Playlist Settings.

Here you can set a default Time Interval for all the applications in the playlist.

To start running the playlist, either press on the PLAY button from the Settings page or from the main control panel.

Once the PLAY button was pressed an annotation will appear on the screen’s thumbnail to show the time left for each application to run.

In order to stop the playlist from running, simply press on the STOP button.


How to start a Playlist on multiple screens

1. Select the screens from the lists of screens or from the main control panel.


You can either drag the mouse on the list of screens or use Ctrl+Left mouse click to select the screens.


2. Click on the PLAY button to start the Playlist on all selected screens.


3. To stop the Playlist from running on all screens, press on the STOP button.

What is Automatic Mode

In Automatic Mode the system will automatically open and close the applications in the playlist after each time interval.

If you untick this option the system will run the playlist normally but without starting and closing the applications.

It will only change the focus from the applications that are currently running on the screen.

Is it possible to update a content that is currently running on the screens automatically?

Yes! by using the Simple Playlist feature you are able to set each screen to automatically update its content.


Let’s say you have six TV screens connected to your PC and each one is showing a different PowerPoint presentation and you want to allow one of the employees in your company to update the content without accessing Monitors AnyWhere’s PC.



All you need to do is to share the presentations, either on a network shared drive or share a folder on Monitors AnyWhere’s PC >

Make sure the one who is in charge of updating the content has the privileges to access and edit the file >

Set in Monitors AnyWhere the playlist for that TV screen with only that presentation and set the time interval as needed.

If you set it for one minute, it will update every one minute.

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