How to use the Scheduler feature in Monitors AnyWhere

How to use the Scheduled Playlist feature (Calendar)

In the following guide we will demonstrate how to use the Scheduled Playlist feature (Calendar) in Monitors Anywhere.

The Scheduled Playlist feature allows you to schedule time slots for each application to appear on the selected screen.

This feature allows you to repeat the same playlist, fully configurable hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedules or date ranges.

Editing a schedule is as simple as adding or deleting an appointment in Outlook.

How to setup a new task in the calendar

Select a screen and click on the Playlist and Calendar Settings button

Make sure it’s set to “Use Calendar” option.

Click on the New Task button to start scheduling.

Select an application from the list and tick the Add Task check box to configure its timing specifications.

Setup the timing for the application to appear on the screen. You can select from a variety of scheduling options:

– Occurs every day, on selected days or on a range of dates.

– Duration of the event: All day or on a specific timing.

Click  Apply to save the setting and continue adding tasks.

Press Ok to save and go back to the Calendar overview.

Press Play to start playing according to the calendar settings.


How can I Play or Stop the Calendar feature from the main Control Panel? 

Yes – Select a screen from the list of screens and press on PLAY to start running the programs according to the scheduled plan or STOP to disable the feature.

How can I set the scheduled tasks to reoccur?


All tasks are configured to reoccur by default, except when a date range is configured.

For Example:

By setting a timinig for application to occur on Monday between 08:00 till 12:00 will replicate the task for every Monday in the future.

Is it possible to update a content that is currently running on the screens automatically?

Yes! by using the Calendar feature you are able to set each screen to automatically update its content.

Let’s say you have six TV screens connected to your PC and each one is showing a different PowerPoint presentation and you want to allow one of the employees in your company to update the content without accessing Monitors AnyWhere’s PC.



All you need to do is to share the presentations, either on a network shared drive or share a folder on Monitors AnyWhere’s PC >

Make sure the one who is in charge of updating the content has the privileges to access and edit the file >

Set in Monitors AnyWhere a schedule to open a different presentation for each day.

Read a study case on how one of our customers utilized Dropbox for his Digital Sigange system.

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