How we have assisted a customer in technological adoptation using dropbox

11:34 01 June in Blog

How the combination of Monitors Anywhere digital signage solution and Dropbox assists customers in technological adoption

A company came to us recently with a very specific task:

  • Five slide show presentations in six separate locations managed from a single computer.
  • Each screen had to have a single presentation continually running for a day.
  • A new presentation would run each week day – Sunday, Monday, etc.
  • The system must have a simple interface.
  • It must not need specific training and specialized employees to run.

Monitors AnyWhere was able to meet their needs with our proprietary software solution.

Here is what we helped them do:

Create a Dropbox account for all files – this made access and updating possible from any location with a computer and Internet access.

Each presentation had a specific name for the day assignment; i.e., Sunday, Monday.

A single PC connected the 5 HDMI over LAN zero clients and 5 monitors within the business.

The application scheduled each screen and presentation plus the day of the week.

The result? 

A smooth, clean installation with all going well according to the architectural planning.  

The main PC was configured; all that was necessary was to start the presentations.

Any and all upgrades and changes were made within the Dropbox account and directory.

The Monitors AnyWhere control panel gave the administrators a complete view and access to the information presented on the screens while the remainder was completely automated.