Monitors AnyWhere Connect v4

Game changer for Digital Signage connectivity


Monitors AnyWhere Connect v4 includes many new enhancements for our all-in-one digital signage connectivity system:

Creative Video Walls in any angle, shape and aspect ratio, Better support for Chrome browsers and our own Chromium Launcher app.


The new release can now be downloaded here:

Please note: 

MAW v4 requires a new license.

If you have purchased your system during the last 12 months you are entitled to a free upgrade.


Main new features and enhancements:

Completely re-designed Displays Config Tool

Creative Video Walls

New Chromium app

Full PowerPoint suite support

NEW! Creative Video Wall

Monitors AnyWhere Connect v4 is now with the ability to set up a creative video wall in any shape, size and layout.

In the new version we completely re-designed the Display Configuration tool and added the option to set up a Creative Video Wall.

Simply un-check the “Align to grid” box and be creative!

Once the initial setup is done, Windows® will identify the new setting as one big extended display, allowing the user to run any type of content on the new video wall setup. You can also set the new extended display to duplicate your primary screen.

Here are just few examples of our latest projects:

NEW! Chromium app 

When you have multiple screens with different URLs on each – our new Chromium app will make it run much better!

Running multiple URLs on multiple screens might be a difficult task for a PC when it’s running Chrome as the browser.

Chrome is a very resource intensive app that demands high RAM and CPU usage. Also, running multiple sessions of Chrome is difficult to manage.

Our new Chromium-based app (MCL) is a much lighter and efficient way to run multiple sessions of browsers, and playling on multiple screens.

To start using of the new MCL, simply select the app from the drop-down list as shown here:

In the parameters field write the URL you would like to run with the MCL:

Once you click on ‘Save and Send’ the app will open the URL on the specified screen.

NEW! Full PowerPoint support

Since Microsoft stopped their support for PowerPoint Viewer, we’ve noticed many difficulties in running presentations that were created with newer versions of Office.

In Monitors AnyWhere Connect v4 we’ve added a new method of running PowerPoint presentations.

For more information please read here.

Please note:

The new method requires full Office suite installation on the host PC.

Tech Specs

Windows 7 32bit/64bit, Server 2008R2, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 32bit/64bit, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016

The host PC can be either Physical or Virtual. Read more here


Intel Dual Core or AMD with similar capabilities.

Core i5 or Core i7 , latest generation recommended.

Please check our system configuration guidelines for more information.

At least 4GB.

Please check our system configuration guidelines for more information.

10/100/1000base-T Ethernet network (Gigabit Ethernet network is recommended)

Quick Access to :