A smart way of using Monitors AnyWhere Network Video Wall and PowerPoint

12:00 04 October in Blog

A customer contacted Monitors Anywhere as he was looking to refresh the company’s stand at a tradeshow he was attending.

They wanted to create a three screens video-wall to bring attractive and animated information to the stand instead of the conventional single screen and posters.

The three screens were set up in a creative way; the center screen stood in landscape mode, whilst the two outer screens were standing in portrait mode.
The Solution:

Rather than running three separate PowerPoint presentations, showing information independently, our customer used the page settings utility within PowerPoint to set the page size according to the size of the three actual screens.

Setting up PowerPoint and Monitors Anywhere in this way allowed our customer to obtain a level of interactivity between the screens that would be difficult to achieve with three stand-alone PowerPoint presentations.

With Monitors AnyWhere Network Video Wall newest capability, he was able to easily span a single PowerPoint presentation on all three screens.

First he created the screen’s layout in the Display Settings according to the actual layout.

Each screen with its own orientation – Landscape or Portrait.

Then he added the three screens to a Video Wall group in Monitors AnyWhere application.

By using our Native PowerPoint Launcher to run the presentation, it spanned automatically on all three screens in a stunning way.

We thought this was a smart use of PowerPoint and Monitors Anywhere, adding yet another capability to Monitors AnyWhere and your digital signage!