Continental Currency Exchange, Canada

Continental Currency Exchange, Canada

Industry: Currency Exchange Size: 200 Location: Canada

Continental Currency Exchange is a Canadian company that focuses on personal and business monetary exchanges.  Money is a commodity, and like all commodities, money exchange rates fluctuate daily.  Continental Currency Exchange was looking for a way to help meet the needs of its customers with feeds on news, exchange rates, and also to assist their Marketing Department to deliver advertisements on new campaigns.

More specifically

Each of the 17 branch offices needed an installation of digital signage screens.

Each branch would acquire around 5 screens that would rotate information.

They needed different content on each screen.

Each screen will project information for staff and visitors.

The solution needed to be easy to use and to deploy.

Within a very limited and tight budget.

The IT department needed to find a quality solution that would not break the bank or require a professional to maintain.  The solution was Monitors Anywhere .

The Solution

Monitors Anywhere came to the rescue with their innovative technology which allows you to control your digital signage content when you connect multiple screens to one PC. Continental Currency Exchange needed to acquire a single computer, connect their multiple screens and to design the presentations – Monitors Anywhere took care of the rest.

We provided Continental Currency Exchange the following:

  • A single PC solution for all their signage screens in each branch.
  • Simple to use and easy to maintain system for presenting information for everyone from visitors to employees.
  • An inexpensive solution that did not break their bank.

“Monitors Anywhere did a great job,” said Vince Carere, the IT manager for Continental Currency Exchange, “our customers can get a quick glance at current rates and other pertinent information.  The marketing department can broadcast advertisements throughout the branches just by ‘clicking on the mouse’ and our IT staff was very happy with a simple and easy to use solution.  It was the best decision we could make to have Monitors Anywhere come into our business!”

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