Digital signage project – Bangkok’s tallest building – Mahanakhon

King Power Mahanakhon

Industry: Corporate, Hospitality Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Officially Bangkok’s tallest building, Mahanakhon is an architectural landmark for the city. 

The interior of this architectural marvel should have only the best technological features.

The King Power Mahanakhon Marketing department looked to enhance and emphasize the building’s cutting-edge architecture by installing cutting-edge technologies

Digital signage screens and video walls were the perfect platforms to display helpful information to visitors of the building in the lobby and front desks and to play dynamic eye-catching videos in hallways.

The Mahanakhon marketing department searched for a solution that could easily push content to multiple screens and video walls, in the vast space of this seventy four-story building, through a simple and easy-to-use application.

More specifically

Control all the content from a single PC

Dynamic and powerful Video wall system

Easy to use and affordable solution

The Solution

The solution they chose was Monitors AnyWhere Connect for their video walls and separate signage screens.

Ultimate Goal IT&AV, a Monitors AnyWhere partner in Thailand, implemented the solution, and within weeks installed and commissioned the system.

The solution consists of 22 screens, some showing visitor information at Registration and Lobby, and 2 video walls, each 8×1 screens long, were placed in the 74th hallways of the building’s observatory, beautifully complementing the futuristic nature of the place and showing its technological power.

Next step

The successful implementation of the Monitors AnyWhere Connect system in Mahanakhon is one case out of multiple successful implementations done by Ultimate Goal, who is offering Monitors AnyWhere’s solution to their future customers as an eye-catching feature to significantly enhance their venues.

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