Monitors AnyWhere – Maintenance and Upgrades


The 9 first Centerm C75v2 devices are not maintained and since you didn’t renew the maintenance agreement , 50% is due.

The 2 Thinglobal devices are due for renewal in August and September.


So if you would like to make it right, update the maintenance of the 9 units for :

9 x 89USD @ 50% =  400USD

And renew one unit of Thinglobal purchased in August :

1 x 89USD @ 20% = 18USD  – 3 (2months) =  15USD

1 x 89USD @ 20% = 18USD  – 4.5 (3months) = 13.5USD


So in total it’s: 428.5USD




Monitors AnyWhere lets you control digital signage with different content channels – anywhere in your building – and you control everything from a single PC.



  • Each screen requires an additional license


  • Use multiple screens to have a VideoWall display


  • Display different content on various screens


  • Images, Video, Presentations and more


  • Set or schedule the content you want to display


  • Works perfectly in a Multi Monitors scenario


  • Includes OSBASE driver license