Monitors AnyWhere – ThinGlobal Digital Signage POE Bundle package – Free shipping in Europe only


Monitors AnyWhere – ThinGlobal Minipoint Digital Signage POE zero client and License per screen. Game changer for digital signage connectivity

Each bundle includes:


– 1 ThinGlobal Digital Signage POE zero client (spec sheet) – Two years warranty

– Monitors AnyWhere Connect license key for 1 screen

– OSBase driver license key for 1 screen
– HDMI cable


Please note (this is important!):

We currently support the Windows®10 latest updates (1903 & 1909) in Extended mode (for showing different content on different screens) and Mirror mode (for duplicating content on multiple screens).


Video Wall mode is only supported on Windows® 10 releases of up to and including May 2018 (Build 1809). 


We are working hard on adapting the driver to support the latest Windows’® builds, but until further notice, please keep your Windows® on build 1809 if you require to run a video wall with our system. 


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Monitors AnyWhere Connect allows you to control digital signage with different content channels and multiple video walls, anywhere in your campus or building, from a single PC, over your LAN.


  • Each screen requires a license.


  • Create HD/8K Video Wall displays.


  • Display different content on various screens


  • Display images, video, presentations and more


  • Schedule in advance the content you wish to display