Monitors AnyWhere USB Wall – Minipoint USB to HDMI adapter pack – Free shipping for US and CA only


Monitors AnyWhere USB Wall – Minipoint USB to HDMI adapter pack.


Each package include:

– 1 x Minipoint USB adapter

– 1 x USB Wall software license (Each screen in the video wall requires a license)

– 1 x USB cable (A-B type) 3m

– 1 x Mini HDMI to standard HDMI cable (20cm)

– Display interface: VGA / mini HDMI

– Resolution : 1920×1080 (Full HD) per screen

– One year warranty


MiniPoint USB spec sheet

USB Wall can be run on Windows® 7/8/10


*You need at least two units to create a video wall

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Monitors AnyWhere USB Wall – The easiest way to get a video wall up and running in seconds!

One computer or laptop and a few simple components are all you require to create the Monitors AnyWhere USB wall.

Connect the USB to HDMI adaptors to a USB port on your computer (using a USB hub if needed), install the Monitors AnyWhere USB wall software and Voilà! your video wall is ready.

This revolutionary product is packed with innovative features, which allows you to set up your video walls quickly and easily. Supports screen rotation – landscape, portrait and even 180 degrees. It is also possible to clone the main screen of your PC onto the video wall. Enjoy high resolution of up to 8K and perform bezel corrections when needed.

You need at least two units to create a video wall