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Connect and Control multiple screens

From a single PC per site

over your existing LAN with MAWi

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Video Walls

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Android-based AVoIP

connectivity solution

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Connect and Control multiple TV screens from a Single PC over your existing LAN

How does it Work?

Easy to use and Powerful. Allows you to run any type of application on your TV screens

Our feature list

Group screens together to easily create eye catching Video Walls in no time

Video Wall feature

Use our Content Management System to design amazing layouts for your signage

Online Monitors AnyWhere

Game Changer for Digital Signage connectivity

How Does It Work

Monitors AnyWhere uses  HDMI over LAN zero clients technology. Zero Clients replace graphic cards and connect a central computer to each display, through a local network.

Here is a list of zero clients that are compatible with the HDMI over LAN technology.


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Quick online demo of the main features of Monitors AnyWhere Connect

Run different videos on each screen

Open different websites on each screen

Configure each screen to present a different PowerPoint presentation with our Native PowerPoint Launcher

Plan and Schedule a Playlist for each screen

Screens Grouping and Content Mirroring

Online Monitors AnyWhere - web-based Content Management System

Run any type of application on the TV screens

Create an eye catching Video Walls with ease

Preview snapshots of all screens connected to a multi monitor PC

NEW The first Network Video Wall in the market

Our solution is the first to present a Network Video Wall which runs over a standard Windows-based PC, and enables you to create and control multiple Video Walls over the LAN.

This NEW and exciting capability allows any type of content such as: simple videos  HTML5 web-based content, any Windows-based app and external content sources.

NEW USB Wall – Cost effective and easy to use video wall solution

Monitors AnyWhere are proud to present the USB Wall, the new revolutionary and innovative solution for a simple, cost-effective and easy to use video wall solution.

While video walls are becoming more popular, they have remained cumbersome to use and expensive. USB Wall is the perfect new solution! It allows small and medium business owners to easily implement a video wall for a variety of uses:

Online Monitors AnyWhere – Content Management System

Online Monitors AnyWhere is a hosted Digital Signage Service that supports hundreds of screens around the world in educational institutions, small and medium businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and large corporations.

You can easily design your content from anywhere within an Internet connection, plan a playlist and set it to run on any number of TV screens.



Manufacturing  Lines

Large screens that show real-time figures to your workforce work incredibly well to drive production at your plant. Facilities can display outputs such as up-to-the-minute production information, actual production figures and comparisons against a target or a previous period, and motivate staff to meet their goals without keeping them from their work.

Corporate communication, Enterprises

Reaching out to your employees and make them aware of the business goals is crucial. Employees are the organizations’ most valuable asset.

With Internal communication signage you are able to establish 80% awareness of your message in a matter of days and a 70% change in behavior in a matter of weeks. But most importantly, it is greatly appreciated by your employees.


Digital signage can help resorts and hotels connect and communicate with their guests by posting on local events and points of interest, weather forecast, the availability and schedules of local activities, events and eateries.


In healthcare facilities visual communications can be a used in a variety of ways including wayfinding, patient/visitor/staff communications, and donor walls. These applications help healthcare facilities create efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the experience of individuals on site.

Retail stores

A visual communications network helps retails ensure consistent branding across multiple locations, engage and personalize the instore experience for shoppers, and increase sales by cross-selling products and promoting high-margin inventory.

About Us

Monitors AnyWhere software was developed as a connectivity solution with IT managers in our mind, to allow them to save on initial costs as well as on ongoing maintenance costs.


With time we have developed more advanced capabilities to allow Content Management within our system (Online Monitors AnyWhere) and also the first Windows-based Network Video Wall in the market.

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