Screen grouping and content mirroring – duplicating content over multiple screens

Screen grouping and content mirroring or How to duplicate your content on multiple screens

This  feature will allow you to create groups of monitors connected to the host PC mirror the content of one monitor to all other screens on that group.

It adds great flexibility by defining whether to show different content on each screen or the same content on a group of screens. It’s especially effective for applications that are not designed to run in multiple instances.

Mirror mode 

In Monitors AnyWhere v3 we’ve present the Displays configuration tool with a Mirror Mode section.


Open Monitors AnyWhere and select File > Displays configuration

This tool was designed as a super-friendly and intuitive tool, allowing the users to create multiple cloned groups, by a simple drag and drop action.

Once the initial setup is done, Windows® will identify the new cloned group as one extended screen, allowing the user to run any type of content in full sync. You can also set the new extended display to duplicate your primary screen.

You can easily add more cloned groups if required and run everything from a single PC.

Old cloned group

Please note:


This option is no longer supported in Monitors AnyWhere Connect V4. It’s available and supported under V3.

Select a display from the list > Right click  > Select “Edit Groups”


Right click on any thumbnail > Select “Edit Groups”

Click Add to create a new group.

Enter a name for the new group, set it to Content mirroring and select its color.

Select the displays from the list on the left side and assign them to the new group you’ve just added by clicking on the “Add to group” button.

You can use multiselect monitors by draging your mous pointer or by pressing on the Ctrl button and selecting the monitors you wish to add.

Close the groups editor window and you will see that each monitor is now marked with its group name.

Send an application to one of the screens from each group and it will automatically mirror its content to all other screens on the same group.

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