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Four simple steps to install Monitors AnyWhere

Click here to access our Quick Installation Guide

Set up Monitors AnyWhere host PC and your network configuration

Click here to access our setup guide

Activate the licenses for Monitors AnyWhere

Activation process for Monitors AnyWhere

Basic Functions

First steps using the software

Using the Main Control Panel options

Remote Control on a specific display

Remote Control on a specific monitor

Using the playlist control panel

Playlist control panel introduction

Start setting up a list of applications for your screens

Setting a list of applications for each screen

Start Options, Import/Export, Change language

Additional functions

Start using our Network Video Wall function

Setup for Network Video Wall

How to…

How to run multiple PowerPoint slideshows from a single PC?

Run any number of PowerPoint slideshows by using our Native PowerPoint Launcher

How to run multiple Google Slides presentations from a single PC?

How to run Google Slides on multiple screens with Monitors AnyWhere Connect

How to open different website pages on a multi-monitor system?

How to open different website pages on different screens in a multi monitor PC

How to use the Playlist feature in Monitors AnyWhere?

Use the Simple Playlist feature

How to use the Scheduled Playlist feature (Calendar)

Use the Scheduled Playlist feature (Calendar)

How to run multiple videos to show on different screens?

Run numerous video clips in a multi monitor pc

How to play a slideshow of images from a hot folder on multiple screens

Run multiple slideshows of images on different screens

How Monitors AnyWhere on a Virtual Machines can add more power to your Digital Signage system

Set up Monitors AnyWhere in a Virtual Machine configuration

How to use screen grouping and content mirroring in Monitors AnyWhere

Screen Grouping and Content mirroring

How to use Monitors AnyWhere to open multiple PDF files on different screens?

Run multiple PDF files on different screens

How to redirect a single audio channel on multiple zero clients using Virtual Audio Cable