Using the Monitors AnyWhere Connect on a Multiple monitor PC

12:48 21 November in Blog

How to work with the Monitors AnyWhere Connect on a multiple monitor PC configuration


The most recommended way to work with Monitors AnyWhere is by using HDMI over LAN zero clients. This way you can connect up to 20 digital signage screens to a single PC over your existing LAN without the need for video extenders, CAT5/6 cables, or without having to install a PC or media player for each signage screen. VGA over LAN technology also works with HDMI and DVI connection types.

In this article we’ll present another way of using the Monitors AnyWhere Connect: One computer with multiple video cards  (its official name is: Multi Monitor PC). Our software allows you to control and monitor the content presented on all of the screens that are connected to the PC.

How to connect a number of screens to a single PC?

In order to connect multiple monitors to a single PC you have 2 options:

1. Install multiple video cards with PCI-Express or PCI to your motherboard:

Today there are video cards with 4 and even 6 HDMI ports that are connected to the motherboard on its PCI express port.

Each HDMI port can be connected to a different screen to allow the use of the extended desktop mode. Today there are motherboards with four PCI express ports which can create an array of up to 24 screens.

The screens can be connected with a 15 meter HDMI cable or with video extender equipment. By using Monitors AnyWhere  you can control the content on each screen separately.

2. Connect external USB display cards:

External USB display cards have been on the market for a long time. These cards allow you to connect a large number of screens to your computer, without the need for any technical knowledge at all; there is no need to open your PC, Install a video card on the motherboard or for any other complicated installations.

Today there are USB display cards which allow the connection of up to 20 screens to a single PC, but to do so you may need a PC with many USB ports. These cards are now available in both a DVI and HDMI connection type.

USB standard limits the distance between the external display cards to the PC to 5 meters, if you need to go beyond that length you might want to look into HDMI over LAN technology.

Which content can I run on those screens?

Practically anything!

If you’re looking for the simple signage solution, you can go with PowerPoint presentations for instance.  Monitors AnyWhere will allow you to:

run different PowerPoint presentations on each screen from a single PC.

You can either choose to present videos, websites, flash content or  you can use any other signage software that you wish!  Click here for more information