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Android-based AVoIP

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Monitors AnyWhere offers a variety of innovative and creative digital signage solutions.

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Our Products

Our primary mission is to continually adapt and improve our products by adding new features and capabilities, all the while maintaining the highest level of ongoing support to our customers.


MAWi – Connectivity solution for Digital Signage and

Video Walls (On-Prem)

Our MAWi platform is a combined hardware and software solution that allows users to push content onto multiple digital signage screens and video walls in the same or different sites, connect the screens with a variety of connectivity options and control the content from a powerful and easy to use web-based dashboard.


Online Monitors AnyWhere – 

Cloud-based Content Management System

Online Monitors AnyWhere is a cloud-based Content Management System (SaaS) that allows you to design, update, and display beautiful layouts via any Internet-connected device that can run an HTML5-based browser.

The system includes a set of widgets that allow it to embed live content into the screens, such as Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, news, weather, RSS feeds, and more. 

Online Monitors AnyWhere

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