Monitors AnyWhere | Online Monitors AnyWhere offers an advanced and easy to use Content Management System for Digital Signage
Online Monitors AnyWhere is an easy to use and affordable Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to edit the content on your digital signage screens from anywhere with internet connection.
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Online Monitors AnyWhere

Easy to use and affordable Content Management System


Online Monitors AnyWhere is a hosted Digital Signage Service that supports hundreds of screens around the world in educational institutions, small and medium businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and large corporations.

You can easily design your content from anywhere with an Internet connection, plan a playlist and set it to run on any number of TV screens.

With Online Monitors AnyWhere:

Access and Control the information on your TVs at your facility from anywhere that has internet access

Design beautiful layouts and add advanced apps like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more!

It's super easy to use and amazingly affordable

Powerful, Dynamic, Cost effective

Leave your contact details below and will get back with you as soon as possible with more information:

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Get started 

The information on your TV screen is displayed as a sequence of pages. Pages are created in a few easy steps:

With the advanced designer you can add text with more than 30 fonts to choose from, create your own image gallery, creating semi-transparent overlays to make your text stand out on top of images

Create a playback sequence by placing the pages in a playlist.

Assign the playlist to a TV screen.

Create pages with the advanced designer

Create a playback sequence

Assign the playlist to a TV screen


You can come up with only so much content by yourself. 

Apps allow you to display content from the internet on your page.

This is an ever expanding set of apps

Also we advise that you check our tutorial videos to get started in no-time:

Video tutorials

YouTube app

Play any video from YouTube on your TV screen

Vimeo app

Play any video from Vimeo on your TV screens

Video App

Take your own video and upload it to our servers

News & RSS Feeds App

News & RSS Feed app allows you to link up to news feeds of your choice and have that information rotate on your TVs

Twitter App

Twitter app links to your Twitter account or any other and displays your feed

Facebook App

Facebook app links to your account and displays your feed

Yammer App

Yammer app links to your account and displays your feed

Weather App

Animated Weather App lets you showcase the local weather in hours or days

Foursquare App

Welcome your clients on your screen the second they arrive.

QR Code App

Have a QR code! Sign up, create a QR code for a special offering or product savings and display the QR code on your TV

Google Traffic Alert

This App links to the Google Traffic reporting engine, so if you are in a busy part of the town, warn your clients about the traffic

Date & Time Stamp

Date & Time App allows you to place the date and time on your TVs

And many more Apps and Widgets are already inside!

Request a demo


We will be glad to grant you an access to our Online Monitors AnyWhere console for a 30 days trial period to evaluate our solution.

Please leave your details in the form on the right and we will shortly send you the access information to your new dashboard.

Don’t forget to check our Tutorial Videos for a quick start with our product.

Please send me the MonitorsAnywhere Newsletter