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February 5, 2024

NEW MAWi v2.0.52.0

Updated: 05-Febuary-2024

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MAWi with its powerful management console, allows users to play any type of content onto multiple screens and video walls in the same or different sites, and control that content from a dynamic and easy-to-use browser-based dashboard.

MAWi is an on-premise solution and the multiple screens can be connected over the LAN, WAN, or over the Internet.

MAWi is a holistic connectivity solution for video walls and digital signage screens, allowing you to connect and control your screens in a variety of ways, including Android-based AVoIP players, HDMI over LAN zero clients, standalone Windows-based PCs, Thin Clients, and USB to HDMI adapters.2

Important note:

After updating to a new version of MAWi, please clean your browser’s cache (You can use the key combination Shift+F5).

New Features & Enhancements

In MAWi v2 we mainly focused on adding new types of content sources, playing them in multiple layouts, and enhancing the ease of use of the solution and its security aspects. Here are the main highlights of the new MAWi v2 release.

Embed News Feeds and a Clock Directly into Your Displays

We are thrilled to unveil a comprehensive enhancement in our latest MAWi release – the News Ticker Capability.

This update not only allows for the streaming of real-time news and updates directly on your screens but also offers the flexibility to display an RSS feed or your personalized update feed as a ticker. Keep your audience both informed and on schedule.

MAWi enables rss and news feed showing as a ticker with a clock


Two-Factor Authentication 

To further safeguard user accounts and data, MAWi has implemented the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature, providing an added layer of security beyond traditional password protection. Notably, this 2FA is compatible with any One-Time Authentication (OTA) generator available in the market.

Remote Control

A long-awaited feature – the ability to ‘remote control’ any of the connected screens within the system, via the browser-based MAWi management console.

To start a remote control session, right-click on the screen’s thumbnail and select “Remote Control”. To end the session, tap twice on the Esc button on your keyboard.

Dividing the screen into multiple sections using the MAW Chrome Launcher

We are excited to announce this new feature since it has been requested by so many customers from different sectors and markets. This new feature allows you to divide a single screen into multiple sections and show a different URL, image, video, or PDF in each section.

Currently, we added the following layouts: single, dual, triple, and Quadro sections

Streaming Youtube videos using the MAW Chrome Launcher

The Youtube site is posing obstacles for streaming their video content outside of their ecosystem. VLC player is no longer a working option so we had to find a different solution for that requirement.

In MAWi v2 we’ve implemented a new method of playing Youtube videos using the MAW Chrome Launcher app.

Simply copy-paste the URL of a youtube video into the URL item in the playlist and it will start playing automatically in full screen.

Enable SSL connectivity

MAWi is an on-premises solution and most of our customers are using it in their internal networks only, but we do have customers who requested the option to add SSL connectivity with their current system, so they will be able to access it from the Internet or it came as a requirement of their CSO.

We have implemented end-to-end SSL connectivity within our new MAWi v2 release.

Edge browser is now supported

We’ve added the option to run the Edge browser in full screen on multiple displays.

LocalDB and SQL Server Express 2019

We’ve added the option to install MAWi on a LocalDB instead of a full SQL Server installation. This option reduces the time of the initial installation, as well as the complexity of the system.

We still support the full version of SQL Server and its Express edition and we have also updated the installer, to install SQL Server Express 2019 instead of 2014.

Installation on different Active Directory user accounts support 

Fixed the issue when installing the MAWi server with one user and running it with a different account. This issue is mainly affecting users in domain controller environments.

Screen permissions

For customers with large installations, it was necessary to be able to have search filters in the Screen Permissions console, to allow them to easily allocate the screens and enable the required permissions.


Plus lots of smaller features, stability improvements, and bug fixes.


Important note:

After updating to a new version of MAWi, please clean your browser’s cache (You can use the key combination Shift+F5).

Start evaluating MAWi with your own Mini PCs or Android players – follow our Quick Installation Guide

Issues Fixed

v2.0.52.0 – Released on 05.02.2024


New – MAW Chrome Launcher – Added two new layouts

New – Spacedesk’s latest driver installs automatically
New – Full screen view feature now enables you to remove the screen’s name label
Fixed – MAW Chrome Launcher’s RSS feature bug fixes.
Fixed – MAW Chrome Launcher high CPU utilization issues.
Fixed – Google Chrome browser will not play on multiple screens.
Fixed – MS Edge browser will not play on multiple screens.
Fixed – MAW PowerPoint Launcher issue with running from a network shared drive.
Fixed – Issues in the MAWi Agent’s SSL logic
Fixed – Logs are not deleted automatically in the IIS Server when installing MAWi Server on Server OS.

v2.0.46.3 – Released on 21.12.2023


Fixed – Minor bug fix in the installer.

v2.0.46.0 – Released on 18.12.2023


NewWith the News Ticker feature you can now upload a TXT, RSS or XML files to show in the ticker.  



Fixed – When using MAWi Zero devices, it will make sure that network disconnections will not interfere with the stability of the system.

v2.0.45.0 – Released on 12.12.2023

NewIntroducing the new Ticker option for incorporating RSS and internal news feed. 

New – New option to confirm new user’s email when added to the system.

Fixed – Better implementation of SSO support when using the MAW Chrome Launcher.
Fixed – Issues when using Edge in full screen mode.

Fixed – Issues with setting screens to turn off.

Fixed – Multiple issues with the correct functionality of the Displays Config Tool when using the OSBASE devices.


v2.0.34.10 – Released on 25.10.2023




Fixed – Multiple issues with permissions and authentication in the LocalDB when upgrading from an older version of MAWi v2.




v2.0.34.0 – Released on 11.09.2023



New – Two-Factor Authentication added.

New – Mutual TLS added to enhance the HTTPS connectivity. 


Fixed – The MAWi Agent service was not running automatically after the update.


Fixed – Issues when installing on operating systems with languages other than English.


Fixed – Multiple issues with the Scheduling feature.




v2.0.31.2 – Released on 29.08.2023


New – IIS Express is now running as a service and will not require the user to login. There is no need to setup anything or change anything for non-admin users to run the server.

New – The installer of MAWi was enhanced and improved with new installation steps. Also, you can now select which IP address will be used during the installation process.

New – Set the order of the launchers in the drop-down list by dragging and dropping the items in the Manage Launchers panel.

New – MAW Chrome Launcher supports playing content from a hot folder (Images, PDFs, WEBM videos, HTML files).

New – The primary screen of the agent is named as the location name by default.

New – Grab system logs from the Manage System panel.

New – Use the same ‘Set duration’ for multiple uploaded items in a playlist.

New – Allow to remove ‘Remote Control’ feature from Editor role users.


Fixed – MAW Chrome Launcher – Allow saving user’s credentials.

Fixed – MAW Chrome Launcher – Enable showing HTTP and private key certificate HTTPS.

Fixed – Updating the certificate of MAWI.CLOUD domain for using HTTPS connection.

Fixed – Remote Control issues.

Fixed – Display Config Tool and Video Wall settings issues.

Fixed – Tags sharing issues


Fixed – Creating a new layout of video wall and using the calibration mode will alert the user to save and apply the new layout.


Fixed – Restart the playlist according to the scheduled playlist even if there is nocommunication to the server.


Fixed – Issue when using grouping and mirroring the screens with OSBASE devices.


v2.0.20.0 – Released on 04.06.2023


New – Enhanced the list view in the main dashboard of MAWi – Now you can filter according to ‘Locations’ and ‘Display names’, assign start options to multiple screens and more.

New – Removed the WebPl component and upgraded to NodeJS v20.2.0

New – Extracting logs from remote agents is now available from the Manage System menu.

New – Changed the way to stop remote controlling of the screen, using the CTRL+ALT+Q key combination and also added a button to close.

New – Added the option to split the screen in Portrait mode as well.

Fixed – Reliability issues with systems that control large number of displays (more than 50).

Fixed – Creating a new layout of video wall and using the calibration mode will alert the user to save and apply the new layout.


Fixed – Restart the playlist according to the scheduled playlist even if there is nocommunication to the server.


Fixed – Issue when using grouping and mirroring the screens with OSBASE devices.


v2.0.15.4 – Released on 03.05.2023


New – Added a checklist test before starting the installation process.

Fixed – Installation issue – IIS features didn’t enable automatically.

Fixed – ADB tools are now part of the installation package, without the need to download them from the Internet.


v2.0.14 – Released on 24.04.2023

New – Added the option to copy items within a playlist.

New – Enhanced the option to filter in the Manage System console.

New – The Agent now automatically removes outdated playlist files.

Fixed – Remote control feature – Resolved the problem with the mouse cursor on devices that do not have a mouse connected.

Fixed – MAW Chrome Launcher – Resolved a problem in the web browser pertaining to websites containing an extremely lengthy URL.

Fixed – MAW Chrome Launcher – Resolved a problem running locally stored HTML pages.

Fixed – Manage System – Agent update didn’t work as expected, 

Fixed – General – Fixed a problem where the playlist would automatically stop and not resume when screens were turned off.

Fixed – General – The playlist timer would become stuck at 00:00:00 and fail to advance to the following item.


v2.0.9 – Released on 20.03.2023

New – Added icons and descriptions to the default launchers in the playlist editor.

New – Added more functionality to the split screen option of the MAW Chrome Launcher.

Fixed – Issues with upgrading from older versions of MAWi v1 to v2.

Fixed – Integration issue with the spacedesk driver.

Fixed – Issues with playlists that have multiple items that are running the MAW Chrome Launcher and eventually will get stuck. 

Fixed – Issues IIS Express not binding the IP address of the machine if it takes time to resolve it.


v2.0.5 – Released on 20.02.2023

First release of MAWi v2

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