MAWi v2 – Release Notes

September 11, 2023

NEW MAWi v2.0.34.0

Updated: 11-September-2023

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MAWi with its powerful management console, allows users to play any type of content onto multiple screens and video walls in the same or different sites, and control that content from a dynamic and easy-to-use browser-based dashboard.

MAWi is an on-premise solution and the multiple screens can be connected over the LAN, WAN, or over the Internet.

MAWi is a holistic connectivity solution for video walls and digital signage screens, allowing you to connect and control your screens in a variety of ways, including Android-based AVoIP players, HDMI over LAN zero clients, standalone Windows-based PCs, Thin Clients, and USB to HDMI adapters.29


Important note:

After updating to a new version of MAWi, please clean your browser’s cache (You can use the key combination Shift+F5).

New Features & Enhancements

In MAWi v2 we mainly focused on adding new types of content sources, playing them in multiple layouts, and enhancing the ease of use of the solution and its security aspects. Here are the main highlights of the new MAWi v2 release.

Two-Factor Authentication 

To further safeguard user accounts and data, MAWi has implemented the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature, providing an added layer of security beyond traditional password protection. Notably, this 2FA is compatible with any One-Time Authentication (OTA) generator available in the market.

Remote Control

A long-awaited feature – the ability to ‘remote control’ any of the connected screens within the system, via the browser-based MAWi management console.

To start a remote control session, right-click on the screen’s thumbnail and select “Remote Control”. To end the session, tap twice on the Esc button on your keyboard.

Dividing the screen into multiple sections using the MAW Chrome Launcher

We are excited to announce this new feature since it has been requested by so many customers from different sectors and markets. This new feature allows you to divide a single screen into multiple sections and show a different URL, image, video, or PDF in each section.

Currently, we added the following layouts: single, dual, triple, and Quadro sections

Streaming Youtube videos using the MAW Chrome Launcher

The Youtube site is posing obstacles for streaming their video content outside of their ecosystem. VLC player is no longer a working option so we had to find a different solution for that requirement.

In MAWi v2 we’ve implemented a new method of playing Youtube videos using the MAW Chrome Launcher app.

Simply copy-paste the URL of a youtube video into the URL item in the playlist and it will start playing automatically in full screen.