Our new MAWi (Monitors AnyWhere Web-based Interface) platform is a combined hardware and software solution that allows users to push content onto multiple screens and video walls in the same or different sites, and control that content from a simple and easy to use web-based dashboard. 

MAWi is an on-premise solution and the multiple screens can be connected over the LAN, WAN or over the Internet.

Play any type of content

on multiple digital signage screens and video walls,

located anywhere over your LAN, WAN or Internet

using a simple web-based console

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How MAWi works?

At each site that has multiple screens, place a PC or a virtual machine on which MAWi Client is installed.

The screens can be set as individual displays or as video walls that consist of an array of screens.

In case where there is only a single TV per site, simply connect a standalone mini PC and install MAWi Client on it.

A mini PC can also be used in cases where multiple TVs are installed in a single site and a different audio output is required per TV.

At a central location, MAWi Server will be installed. It will allow users to manage and control the content shown on the screens in all the sites

MAWi Server can be installed on a PC or a server, and can also be installed on the same machine with MAWi Client.

The MAWi user interface is completely web-based and can be accessed from any browser on any computer, tablet or even a smartphone.

Start playing 


Websites and dashboards


Videos and images




Local applications

Basically, play any type of content that runs on a PC!

Check the complete connectivity scheme here.

Watch this online demo of

MAWi platform

Main features


Control multiple screens and video walls in multiple sites

calendar - v2

Schedule playlists


Set up video walls with multiple zones and creative layouts


Play sensitive media files and data over LAN, VPN, WAN or the Web


Have a real-time view and control of the remote screens


Manage user roles and permissions


Control the screens from any browser on any computer, tablet or even a smartphone.


Integrate with other systems using the REST API model

Check our brochure here.

Tech Specs

MAWi Client

Windows® 7 32/64bit, Windows® 10 32/64bit

MAWi Client can run on a PC or a virtual machine (VM) that is connected to one or more monitors (directly or via a multi-display video card, USB to HDMI adapters or LAN-based zero clients) and is installed with the MAWi Client app.

Read more here

MAWi Server

Windows® 10 64bit PRO or Enterprise, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, Server 2019

The MAWi Server can be installed on a PC or a VM and can also reside on the same machine with MAWi Client.

Read more here

MAWi Client

Intel Dual Core or AMD with similar capabilities. Core i5 or Core i7, latest generation are usually recommended.

For Video Walls we would recommend using a standard Core i7, latest generation.

In addition, for better performance we would recommend adding a single graphic display adaptor from NVIDIA or AMD,

which will off-load the CPU’s graphic processor. Read more here

MAWi Server

Intel Dual Core or AMD with similar capabilities. Core i5 of the latest generation is recommended.

If used on a virtual machine, assign at least 2 vCores.

At least 4GB.

Please check our system configuration guide  for more information.

MAWi Client

Gigabit Ethernet network is recommended for the connection between the zero clients and host PC. The host PC can connect to the server via wifi.


MAWi Client Connects over the default port no. 60668 to MAWi Server. This port number can be changed.

MAWi Server

Gigabit Ethernet network is recommended.


Communication with the server-side is done over port 60668

Communication with the client-side is done over port 60669

Those ports can be changed.

MAWi Client

For different use cases you might need to install the following applications:

PowerPoint presentations – PowerPoint Viewer is required or full Office suite.

MP4 or other video files – VLC player or POT player are required.

Websites and dashboards – Chrome browser is required


MAWi Server

The following applications will be installed in the installation process of MAWi Server:

  • SQL Server Express 2014 (You can also choose to use an existing SQL Server instance)
  • IIS Express (for non-server operating systems like Windows10 Pro and Enterprise)
  • NodeJS
  • Web Platform Installer

Quick Access to :



MAWi is officially released since v88 but we are still adding new enhancements and fixing bugs.

In case you encounter of any issue or you are missing a feature, kindly report here:


Please send me the MonitorsAnywhere Newsletter