MAWi Spacewall

MAWi Spacewall

Simplifying Videowall Creation
Android-based AV-over-IP connectivity solution for videowalls and digital signage screens. Reduce your support and maintenance utilize Android-based devices at the endpoints for videowalls and digital signage screens.

4K screens

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AV over IP Android-based Solution for
Digital Signage & Videowall


MAWi Spacewall allows you to set up a digital signage system, either for playing different content on each screen, group multiple screens to show the same content, set up a grid layout video wall with any size or scale, or even setting up creative video walls. This can all be done in minutes with just one PC.

MAWi Spacewall includes a software kit that turns any Android device into powerful AV over IP gear for digital signage and video walls setups in a simple, cost-effective way.

Simple Digital Solution for every Industry

Production Line

Centrally control and manage multiple displays in your production line floor to show KPIs, Dashboards, Spreadsheets, and more.

Security Operations

Show relevant incident data on a videowall coming from any source into any screen in real-time. Enable emergency operators to process information faster no matter where they are located.

Retail Stores

Bring customer experience at best by applying video wall in your retail store

Education Sector

Display the desired content across multiple digital bulletin boards, in different locations around your school or university. Easily play any type of content: PowerPoint presentations, URLs, Videos, and much more.

Healthcare Sector

Display all types of relevant information for patients or staff, in multiple locations, utilizing an easy-to-use browser-based management console.

Office Spaces

Keep your employees, visitors, customers, and suppliers informed and involved using digital signage displays.

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Powerful Features

Navigating the MAWi System

Multi-Screen PowerPoint: Playing Multiple Presentations on Separate Screens from a Single PC over the LAN

Displaying Dashboards and KPIs Across Multiple Screens using MAWi from a single PC over the network

Seamless Video Playback: Playing Videos on Multiple Displays with MAWi digital signage system

Effortless YouTube Video Playback: Playing Videos on Multiple MAWi-Controlled Screens

Creating and Displaying Playlists with Multiple Items on MAWi-Controlled Screens

Mastering Scheduling in MAWi: A Comprehensive Tutorial for Efficient Playlist Management

Play any type of content on your displays, whether it’s a standard file or a dedicated application such as SCADA, CCTV, etc. For more details

Mastering the Local Playlist Feature – Unleash the Power of Customized Content!

Easy Screen Control: Manage Multiple Screens Remotely with a User-Friendly Browser-Based Interface

Build amazing Video Walls using the MAWi system. For more details

How it works?


Link each screen to an endpoint devices such as: MAWi Players, Android TV box, or a smart TV that is running with Android operating system.


Using a simple browser-based console, you can have: individual displays, simultaneously play cloned content, grid video, or creative video walls with collage-like multi-sized screens.


Use your system to control the content shown, on-site or remotely, through the MAWi management console.

Unboxing the MAWi Player

MAWi Player is our own branded Android-based device that comes all equipped and set up with our app for immediate and out-of-the-box support of MAWi.

Why Customers Love MAWi

Full Control

Manage multiple screens and video walls across multiple locations.

Schedule Playlists

Efficiently and easily schedule playlists to run at specific times or as part of a scheduled task.

Video Walls made easy

Configure video walls with multiple zones and creative layouts

On premise solution

Stream confidential media files and data over LAN, VPN, WAN, or the Web.

Real-Time Visibility

Observe and control remote screens in real-time.

Set Permissions

Manage user roles and permissions

Fully Responsive

Remotely manage the screens from any web browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Easy Integration

Integrate with other systems using the REST API architecture.

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