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About Monitors AnyWhere

Monitors AnyWhere was founded in late 2013 as a subsidiary of Greenware Technologies – an IT company focused on developing and marketing advanced and green technologies for enterprises, industrial facilities, educational institutes, and large-scale companies who are looking for more efficient and cost-effective ways to run their IT systems.

We already had extensive experience with digital signage in general but were searching for a better way to install and maintain digital signage systems for our customers.

As professionals in the IT world, we knew there must be an alternative for the traditional way of placing a PC behind each TV screen or using the cumbersome video extenders equipment which are usually in use.

Monitors AnyWhere software was developed as a connectivity solution with IT managers in our mind, to allow them to save on initial costs as well as on ongoing maintenance costs.

With time we have developed more advanced capabilities to allow Content Management within our system (Online Monitors AnyWhere) and also the first Windows-based Network Video Wall and USB connected video wall (USB Wall).

Our primary mission is to continually adapt and improve our products by adding new features and capabilities, all the while maintaining the highest level of ongoing support to our customers.

Our products are, and always will be

easy to use, dynamic, powerful and affordable.

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