Using the MAWi system with Multiple monitors PC

Using the MAWi system on a Multiple monitor PC

How to work with the MAWi system on a multiple monitor PC configuration

The optimal approach for utilizing MAWi is through the utilization of HDMI over LAN zero clients. This method enables the connection of up to 20 digital signage screens to a single PC via the existing LAN infrastructure, eliminating the requirement for video extenders, CAT5/6 cables, or the need to install a separate PC or media player for each signage screen. It’s worth noting that VGA over LAN technology is also compatible with HDMI and DVI connections.

In this article, we will introduce an alternative method of utilizing Monitors AnyWhere Connect: employing a single computer with multiple video cards, also known as a Multi-Monitor PC. Our software provides the ability to manage and supervise the displayed content across all connected screens within the PC.


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How to connect a number of screens to a single PC?

In order to connect multiple monitors to a single PC you have 2 options:

1. Install multiple video cards with PCI-Express or PCI to your motherboard:

Current video cards are now available with 6 or even 8 HDMI ports, which can be connected to the motherboard through the PCI Express port.

Each HDMI port can be linked to a distinct screen, enabling the extended desktop mode.

Additionally, there are currently motherboards equipped with four PCI Express ports, allowing for an array of up to 24 screens. The screens can be connected using either a 15-meter HDMI cable or video extender equipment.

With the implementation of MAWi, you gain the ability to independently control the content displayed on each screen.

2. Connect external USB display cards:

For quite some time, external USB display cards have been available on the market. These cards offer a convenient solution to connect numerous screens to your computer, eliminating the need for technical expertise. You can avoid opening your PC, installing a video card on the motherboard, or dealing with complex installations.

Currently, USB display cards are capable of connecting up to 20 screens to a single PC, although you may require a PC with multiple USB ports to accommodate this setup. These cards are available with both DVI and HDMI connection types.

It’s worth noting that the USB standard imposes a distance limitation of 5 meters between the external display cards and the PC. If you need to exceed this distance, exploring HDMI over LAN technology would be advisable.

Which content can I run on those screens? Practically anything!


If you prefer a straightforward signage solution, you can opt for using PowerPoint presentations or Google Slides, for example.

With MAWi, you have the capability to:

– Run distinct PowerPoint presentations on each screen from a single PC.
– You can also choose to display videos, websites, or utilize any other signage software according to your preference!


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