MAWi – Monitors AnyWhere Browser-based Interface – Software Maintenance and Upgrades (20%)

Keep your software up to date with all the recent bug fixes and new enhancements.

We strongly recommend that you keep your software maintained and supported – please enter the number of screens used.



MAWi (Monitors AnyWhere Browser-based Interface) platform is a combined hardware + software solution that allows you to push content onto multiple screens and video walls in the same or different sites, and control that content from a simple and easy-to-use Browser-based dashboard. MAWi is an on-premise solution and the multiple screens can be connected either over the LAN, WAN, or the Internet.


At each site, you will require a PC or a virtual machine on which MAWi Client will be installed.

At a central location, MAWi Server will be installed, and it will allow users to manage and control the content shown on the screens in all the sites


The screens can be set as individual displays or as video walls that consist of an array of screens.


The user interface is completely web-based and can be accessed from any browser on any computer, tablet, or even a smartphone.