MAWi – Centerm C75v3 Bundle package – Free shipping in the US and Canada

Centerm C75 zero client and MAWi License


Each bundle includes:


– 1 Centerm C75v3 zero client – Three years warranty

– MAWi ZERO software license key for 1 screen

– OSBASE driver license key for 1 screen


The price is a one-time fee with a perpetual license.

The price does not include Customs, VAT, or any other relevant duties or taxes.




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MAWi is the next generation of our extremely successful and field-proven Monitors AnyWhere Connect. MAWi significantly expands the solution’s capabilities by adding many important and significant improvements and features.

Our MAWi (Monitors AnyWhere Browser-based Interface) platform is a combined hardware + software solution that allows our users to push content onto multiple screens and video walls in the same or different sites, and control that content from a simple and easy-to-use Browser-based dashboard. MAWi is an on-premise solution and the multiple screens can be connected either over the LAN, WAN, or the Internet.

MAWi is the perfect solution for the following implementations:

  • Digital signage and video walls for office buildings, production lines, retail stores, education establishments, enterprises, Health organizations, and any other organization that requires such solutions.
  • Video walls in Command and Control centers, like NOCs, SOC, etc.


MAWi’s main features:

  • Create a video wall in a matter of minutes with a resolution of up to 8K
  • Align the screens anywhere on a canvas and rotate them at any angle
  • Play different or the same content on each screen
  • Play any type of content on the screens
  • Group multiple screens and show the same content on that group


Minimum System Requirements for the host PC running MAWi:

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