Technical Support and Software Upgrades

The MAWi software is provided with 12 months of warranty. That means that during the first 12 months after purchase the customer can receive and install all our new releases, upgrades, and updates and get full technical support, all at no extra charge.
After 12 months the customer can opt to extend the warranty and continue to get the same level of service by paying $30 per screen per year.

MAWi will pop messages 30/15/1 day(s) before the warranty is expired. We strongly recommend extending it so that the system is always up-to-date with the latest security measures, bug fixes, improvements, and new features, in addition to full access to our dedicated tech support team.

If the customer chooses not to extend the warranty, they will be able to continue using the system as is; however, they will not be entitled to our technical support, nor will they be able to upgradeĀ the system to new major releases.
mawi activation support period end
Please note:
1. If you do not extend the warranty after it ends, upgrading to a new major release will cost $75 per screen if the upgrade is done within 18-24 months after purchase or $150 per screen if the upgrade takes place more than 24 months after purchase.
2. Monitors AnyWhere Connect V3 and lower are no longer supported and customers should go through an upgrade route to receive support from us. We can’t guarantee that v3 works with all its features on the latest Windows 10 versions and newer.