New enhancements and features in the Online Monitors AnyWhere CMS

March 28, 2018

online monitor anywhere

As you may know, we are constantly updating and improving our Online Monitors AnyWhere CMS and in this blog, we will tell you more about our recent enhancements and new features.

New Slideshow app

Easily create a slideshow of images by selecting the folder that contains your images. You can also set the transition interval and randomize the appearance of the images.

slideshow app

Text element improvements

Rich text editing features were added to the text element. Edit your text within the element itself and you can now drag the active element by dragging its borders.

text element improvement

Copy an active text element with the Copy button next to the Delete button in the property box.

text element copy and delete button

Undo/redo shortcuts are here!

The familiar shortcut keys to undo and redo changes are available in the designer:

undo or redo shortcut

4K Images

Uploaded images are no longer resized to 1920×1080 pixels, but to 4K resolution: 3860×2160 pixels.