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Las Vegas, USA


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On Point Exhibit - Las Vegas

On Point Exhibit is a trade show organizer and contractor who was looking for an easy and cost-effective solution for building video walls for their customers.

The solution had to be dynamic, sturdy so that it can be easily built and removed, and allow for user-friendly control and handling. And of course – it had to be cost-effective.

All of On Point Exhibit‘s customers receive a custom-made design for their booth; hence the video wall system has to be completely dynamic to allow all types of requirements: supporting different sizes and layouts of video walls, multi-zones within the video walls and installing the video wall in any angle they would require.

More specifically

Dynamic and powerful Video wall system

To support any layout and any angle of the screens

Easy to use and affordable solution

The Solution

The solution they chose was Monitors AnyWhere’s USB Wall

In every trade show in which their customer wishes to have a video wall for a high-visibility and an eye-catching stand, On Point Exhibit is using the USB Wall system.

Each screen is connected by an HDMI cable to a USB to HDMI, and all the adapters connect with a USB cable to a USB hub.

The USB hub connects to a laptop that is installed with the USB Wall application, with which it is possible to configure the video wall layout.

Monitor Anywhere USB Wall at On Point Exhibit

Once the video wall’s layout is configured via the USB Wall application, they can simply clone the primary screen of the laptop onto the video walls screen, to run any type of content.

The staff who use the system and set up the content were happy with how easy and intuitive the system works.

The Next Stage

The successful implementation of the USB Wall system in a couple of trade shows was just the first step. On Point Exhibits has already decided to offer the USB Wall solution to their future customers as an eye-catching feature to significantly enhance their booths.

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