Three Square Market installs video walls and utilizes the Online Monitors AnyWhere

Three Square Market Install Video Walls

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Automated Mini-market

Three Square Market

Three Square Market is an innovative  technology company that provides self-service break-room vending machines.This company has recently made headlines by offering its workers the option to replace their employee ID card and all their passwords with a tiny microchip that was inserted under their skin.

Whether you think that this solution is genius or bad-90’s-SciFi-movie-creepy, it is this cutting edge innovative approach that has lead Three Square Market to choose the Monitors AnyWhere digital signage solution.

Three Square Market has recently installed our system which enables the company to communicate with its employees on large screens and on video walls. These screens are all be controlled by one PC running Monitors AnyWhere Connect.

To make the displayed content even more attractive, and to include a more interactive content such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and RSS feeds as well as weather forecasts, Three Square Market have chosen to manage the content with the