Pickering Soccer Club, Canada

Pickering Soccer Club Canada

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Soccer Club

Pickering Soccer Club, Ontario, Canada

Pickering Soccer Club, Ontario, Canada

"We are a community based Soccer Club in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. As a Non-Profit Organization, offering economical access to a wide variety of year-round soccer, we need to keep our costs low for our members. We were looking for a solution to help with a few things in our club."

More specifically

A minimum of eight TV screens installed at the new clubhouse in several areas throughout the facility.

Running promotions of club events and facility schedules for visitors and members

A way to showcase club accomplishments and goals.

Advertising space for fundraising initiatives.

A Professional, appealing, and effective multimedia solution.

Stay within a very limited budget.

The Club needed a workable solution, capable of being managed by staff with minimal training, and it had to be within our budget. Along came Monitors Anywhere

The Solution

Monitors Anywhere came to the rescue with their VGA over LAN (VoL) technology. All Pickering Soccer Club needed was a single desktop computer and some slideshow software. Monitors Anywhere took care of the rest. They have provided Pickering Soccer Club the following:

monitor anywhere Pickering Soccer Club
  • Using a single PC to set up a continuous scrolling set of information for our members and visitors, instead of the conventional way of PC per Screen;

  • A VoL Zero Client VoL with HDMI adapter for each display;

  • No distance limit for all monitors – Pickering is able to display high resolution video on multiple monitors throughout the entire clubhouse;

  • A complete solution that fit our limited budget.

“Now that everything is set up and running, I am very pleased with how well the system turned out. The team has an excellent venue now to show season highlights, field schedules and display our growing list of sponsor advertisements, websites and videos. All thanks to Monitors Anywhere!”

– Posted on September 4, 2013 by Cliff Schmitt

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