New release – Monitors AnyWhere debuts MAWi TC and much more!

November 16, 2020

New release – Monitors AnyWhere debuts MAWi TC

Monitors AnyWhere are very proud to announce MAWi TC – a new connectivity variant for the already very flexible and powerful MAWi platform. MAWi TC is allowing our customers to connect Thin Clients as endpoints for their digital signage setup!.

MAWi is a holistic connectivity solution for video walls and digital signage screens, allowing you to connect and control your screens in a variety of ways, including Android-based AVoIP players, HDMI over LAN zero clients, standalone Windows-based PCs and USB to HDMI adapters.
The screens can be used in different scenarios:

Command and control rooms and Operation centers, Retail stores, Industrial facilities, Manufacturing lines, and Logistics centers, Internal communications in enterprises and others…

Monitor anywhere Internet Thin client

With MAWi TC we are adding a new and very effective method of connecting and controlling remote screens by utilizing Thin Clients as endpoints. All you need is a thin client for each screen and a central Terminal Server and you will be able to show your content on local or remote screens.

Do you already own thin clients?
follow our Quick Installation Guide to evaluate MAWi TC

The main advantages of this new variant:

1. It offers a PC-less configuration.

2. Wifi, Audio, and 4K resolution are supported (provided your thin clients support that).

Just like the other MAWi variants, MAWI TC  empowers the users to control and push content to the various screens through the MAWi dashboard, using any browser, on any platform, from any location.
MAWi variants

Read about all the new features and updates in MAWi Release Notes

use case of MAWi

The UCLA School of Medicine was looking for a digital signage solution for its 13 community cliniques. The main requirement was to show informational presentations and relaxation videos in the various cliniques and control them all from a central location. They also wanted to allow on-site users to control their local screens. After an extensive study of the available solutions, the decision of made – MAWi.

MAWi fulfils UCLA’s requirements fully – a powerful and easy to use system that can show any type of content, using a friendly browser-based user interface, and giving the admins the ability to allow different users to control only a specific set of screens.

Be safe and healthy everybody!

UCLA Entrance

The new dashboard

Our new dashboard is now completely revamped, with a lot more flexibility, like: 

 1. Pages, playlists and channels section that auto-resize with the size of your browser;

 2. The ability to change the height of each of these sections to see more items at a time;

 3. The ability to search, sort and organize items in folders for playlists and channels too.

mawi tc playlist
New scheduling option

Exclusive to the new dashboard, we added the option to quickly configure an incidentally playing playlist in a channel to play all day, or a specific number of times after a certain time*. 

New resolution

you can now set your pages to any base resolution you like. This allows you to pixel-perfectly design for any screen resolution, as well as design in your exact target screen aspect ratio. 

Free professional photos

You can now have direct access to the free photo services Pexels and Unsplash. It allows you to search through thousands of beautiful photos and add them directly to your page and image catalog. 

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