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As the largest global SAP Consultants, RedCommerce provides tailored resourcing and advisory services for businesses all over the world. RedCommerce is the SAP recruitment agency of choice for hundreds of companies across the globe and as a SAP recruitment agency with over 10 years experience, RedCommerce has trained thousands of dedicated and highly professional SAP recruitment consultants who provide first class service right through the SAP job life-cycle.

More specifically

Five screens were needed in different locations in their buildings.

Each screen needed to project information for staff and visitors

They needed different content on each screen.

The solution needed to be easy to use and to deploy.

Within a very limited and tight budget.

Planning its move to its new headquarters building in central London, management of RedCommerce sought to resolve several on-going issues that have, until now hampered interactions with both callersand visitors. The new, large office was planned to permit efficient communications between both the global network of over 300,000 SAP professionals and visitors coming to the Red Commerce offices.

The Solution

RedCommerce approached Monitors Anywhere with the full realization that they offered a digital signage connectivity solution that was sufficiently flexible to deal with their diverse needs. They were not disappointed.

Monitors Anywhere uses a HDMI over LAN technology. Inexpensive Zero Clients connect a single Host PC to 12 screens which were positioned in the call center, the lobby and the staff rest areas and cafeterias by using the existing Local Area Network. An operational plan for broadcasting information was selected for each screen and in less than five minutes the screens began displaying the desired information to the satisfaction of the administration, the IT managers and the employees.

How Monitors AnyWhere Works

  • Monitors Anywhere delivers a simple and extremely cost-effective software solution for digital signageconnectivity. Monitors AnyWhere lets organizations deploy as many as 20 monitors backed by a singleHost PC, with full control of whatever is displayed on the monitors.Monitors Anywhere takes advantage of Extended Desktop Mode functionality on the Windows® operatingsystems. This permits the simultaneous display of different content on multiple screens which are connected to only one computer.

    Monitors Anywhere enables live and simultaneous viewing of all screens connected to a main computer.

    Each monitor is given a designated name and the sequence of monitors on the screen can be adjusted according to their functional positioning in the building. This creates a really simple configuration that anyone can manage. With Monitors Anywhere users handle the organization of the information that appears on each screen and the management of all screens – from a central Application Planner Control Panel.

Monitor anywhere at RedCommerce

The Next Stage

RedCommerce appreciates a successful implementation. With Monitors Anywhere’s advanced digital signage connectivity solution working smoothly in the head offices, they have decided to install another 24 screens in their European branches.

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