Monitors AnyWhere Connect

Game changer for Digital Signage connectivity


Monitors Anywhere Connect allows you to control the content of multiple displays from a single PC.

Using a HDMI over LAN zero-client, Monitors Anywhere Connect creates a totally new concept in digital signage. All that is required to control hundreds of displays is a single PC with a low-cost zero-client for each display. Monitors Anywhere software allows you to establish full control over all displays, individually and collectively.

NEW! we are proud to introduce MAWi – the next generation of Monitors AnyWhere Connect. MAWi can also use the same HDMI over LAN zero client-based architecture but also significantly expands the solution’s capabilities and usability.

You can:

Manage multiple screens without multiple PCs.

Work on a user-friendly application to plan and define all digital signage.

Create eye-catching video walls

Use your existing network infrastructure to dispense of Video Extenders

Cost-effective, Powerful, Dynamic

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    A single, central PC that Connects and Controls all TV screens in your facility.

    Do away with long HDMI cables and arrays of graphic cards.

    Use your existing network infrastructure.

    No distance limitations between the main computer and the monitors.

    Use it to create eye-catching video walls for your meeting rooms, control centers, and lobbies

    How does it work?

    Monitors AnyWhere Connect uses  HDMI over LAN zero clients technology. Zero Clients replace graphic cards and connect a central computer to each display, through a local network.

    Monitors Anywhere Connect makes use of Windows ‘Extended Desktop’ Mode, through which different content can be displayed simultaneously on multiple displays which are controlled by one computer.
    The remote displays, distributed throughout your establishment, are controlled and fed by the Monitors AnyWhere software.

    Each zero client has its own unique IP address permitting Monitors AnyWhere Connect to communicate directly between the PC and the displays – No additional hardware is needed.

    Using our dedicated software you can search the network and connect the HDMI over LAN zero clients just like adding physical display adaptors!

    NEW! Check the newest and exciting enhancements and features added on Monitors AnyWhere v4


    Monitors AnyWhere Connect is an amazing product for Digital Signage. Not only it includes great capabilities for managing the TV screens in your facility, but it also allows you to control the content presented on each screen separately or grouping them together for content mirroring or creating a simple grid and creative mosaic video wall configurations.

    Quick online demo of the main features of Monitors AnyWhere Connect

    Here are short demos of Monitors AnyWhere’s main features:

    Setting up the system for initial use

    Open a different website on each screen

    Configure each screen to present a different PowerPoint presentation with our Native PowerPoint Launcher

    Run a different video on each screen

    Plan a playlist for each screen

    Plan a Scheduled Playlist for each screen

    Screens Grouping and Content Mirroring

    Online Monitors Anywhere CMS

    Online Monitors AnyWhere – Content Management System

    Tech Specs

    Windows 7 32bit/64bit, Server 2008R2, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 32bit/64bit, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016

    The host PC can be either Physical or Virtual. Read more here

    Intel Dual Core or AMD with similar capabilities.

    Core i5 or Core i7 are usually recommended.

    Please check our system configuration guide lines for more information.

    At least 2Gb.

    Please check our system configuration guide lines for more information.

    10/100/1000base-T Ethernet network (Gigabit Ethernet network is recommended)

    Please note:

    HDMI over LAN technology

    HDMI over LAN zero clients must be located in the same LAN network segment (same subnet or VLAN) with the host PC.

    Otherwise, certain rules should be added on the firewall in order for it to work properly over different VLANs.

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    Software requirements

    .Net Framework 4.5.1 and above must be installed and enabled on the computer running Monitors AnyWhere Connect.

    Quick Access to :


    • To download Monitors AnyWhere Connect fully-functional software, 30-day evaluation version (Trial mode will allow you to control up to 4 remote displays), please fill out the form and you’ll be forwarded to a download page.
    • Make effective use of our instructional videos and online manuals, located in our Online Knowledge Base, that demonstrate how to install and use our software.
    • Read more about the new features, enhancements and bug fixes in our Release Notes section.

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