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Healthcare Solutions - Canada

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Healthcare equipment and services

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions is a large Canadian provider for services, resource materials, and a complete medical product line, used in the acute rehabilitation and palliative phases of patient care.

With the opening of a new branch, Healthcare Solutions looked for a digital signage solution that would enable them to show information and promotional material in varied and attractive ways.

The requirements included a video wall showing 4K videos in a 2×2 configuration, welcome screens in the reception area, a number of screens throughout the shop showing different advertisements, and additional screens in the Point of Sale (POS) location, showing ads and general information for the customers. They needed a user friendly system that would run on a single PC over their existing network.

More specifically

Video wall of 2x2 showing 4K content

Five screens showing products advertisments in perfect sync

The solution had to be easy and cost effective

The Solution

The solution they chose was Monitors AnyWhere Connect.

By using one standard Windows® PC, on which the Monitors AnyWhere Connect application is installed, and connecting one zero client to each of the screens, they could do it all!

Monitors AnyWhere Connect enabled them to easily configure the video wall and different screens exactly the way they wanted it.

The Monitors AnyWhere Connect application was installed on a PC located in the server room and is connected to their existing LAN. Behind each TV they mounted a zero client, connected to the same LAN.

Monitors Anywhere Digital Signage Solution Architecture

Using the Playlist capability of the software they have set up a list of videos, images and presentations that are intended for the video wall in the reception area, while various other screens show different content.

The staff who use the system and set up the content were happy with how easy and intuitive the system works.

The Next Stage

The successful implementation of Monitor Anywhere in the new branch of Healthcare Solutions, was just the first step. The company has already decided to implement Monitors Anywhere in all future branches!

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