Gateway Theater – Singapore

Gateway Theater

Industry: Theaters, CinemasLocation: Singapore

Gateway Theatre is a new multi-theatre venue located in the heart of Singapore. It aims to be a creative arts space that promotes Made-in-Singapore works and talents of all cultures, while developing an appreciation of the arts within Singapore.

As such, Gateway Theatre looked for an innovative solution for displaying information about their upcoming events.

One of their main requirements was to have six screens showing different images, in which the images would appear in perfect sync on all screens.

More specifically

Ten screens were needed in different locations in their buildings.

Six screens showing different images, in which the images would appear in perfect sync

The solution had to be easy and cost effective

The Solution

Conducting market research for different digital signage solutions, Gateway Theater came up with various options that would either require  installing a mini PC behind each electronic bulletin board with expensive software, or the use of cumbersome video extenders which would also require maintaining a PC  and a software for every screen.

Monitors AnyWhere Connect was selected for this project, as the perfect solution for Gateway Theater’s needs.

The Monitors AnyWhere Connect application was installed on a PC located in the server room and is connected to their existing LAN. Behind each TV they mounted a zero client, connected to the same LAN.

Monitors Anywhere Digital Signage Solution Architecture

To achieve the “synced scroll image” effect on all displays, the new Video Wall feature of Monitors AnyWhere Connect was used in order to create one big display out of the six separate screens.

Windows® identifies the new video wall as one big screen with the resolution of 6480×1920.

A PowerPoint presentation customized according to the new video wall size is played on the large screen.

Each slide contains all six images aligned as one image.  

Once the presentation is played on the video wall, it appears as if each display shows a different image. The transition is in perfect sync on all displays.

Next step

Experiencing the successful implementation and smooth operation of the advanced technology of Monitors AnyWhere’s digital signage connectivity solution, Gateway Theatre have now decided to install more screens in their venue.

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